Current work

   "Economic Growth and Political Integration: Estimating the Benefits from Membership in the European Union
        Using Synthetic Counterfactuals," with Fabrizio Coricelli and Luigi Moretti   [more]

                    Short summaries (VoxEU):         Part 1 and Part 2
                    Shorter summaries (The Economist):  Part 1 and Part 2

    "The Dynamics of Labor Regulation Around the World since 1960," with Jeffrey Nugent  [more]

    “A Reassessment of the Conditional Effect of Foreign Direct Investment,” with R. Bruno   [more]

     European Economic Integration: An Advanced Textbook, with F. Coricelli, manuscript in preparation,
            under contract with The MIT Press.

    Working papers

    "Norwegian Rhapsody: New Estimates of the Political Economy Benefits from European Integration using
        Regional Data for the 1995 Enlargement," with Fabrizio Coricelli and Luigi Moretti

    “Lobbying, Political Institutions and Economic Performance,” with F. Giovannoni.          [ more ]

    “Institutional Change and Economic Growth in Brazil from 1870 to 2003,” with M. Karanasos and J. Zang.

    “Labor Market Institutions in the Middle East and North Africa,” with J. Nugent.

    "Apocalypse Now, Apocalypse Then, Apocalypse When? Detecting Structural Breaks in Argentinean
            Economic Growth,"  with Menelaos Karanasos and  Michail Karoglou     [ more ]

    “Economics of Masterpieces: Evidence from Sotheby’s Latin American Art Auctions.”

    “Corruption as a Barrier to Entry: Theory and Evidence” with S. Estrin and E. Proto.   [more]

    “The Macroeconomic Effects of the Arab Spring Protests,” with J. Nugent and H. Esfahani.

    “Economic Growth in Brazil: New Time-Series Evidence from 1870 to 2003,” with M. Karanasos and J. Zang.