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    Selected publications (before 2008)

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    Book chapters

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    Edited volumes

        “Barriers to entry in emerging markets,” Symposium issue, Economic Systems (Elsevier), N Campos and
            S. Estrin, guest editors, Volume 31, issue 4, December 2007.

       Political Economy of Transition and Development: Institutions, Policies and Politics, Nauro F. Campos and Jan
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    Selected research reports

        “How to Maximize the Development Impact of Social Protection Policies in Africa? The Role of Financial Development,”
            with F. Coricelli,  Background Paper for the 2010 European Report on Development, 2010.

        “Does it Take a Lula to Go to Davos? An Overview of Brazilian Reforms, 1980-2000,” with A. Castellar, F. Giambiagi and
            M. Moreira, WDI Working Paper No. 580, 2002.

        “Context is Everything: Measuring Institutional Change in Transition Economies,” World Bank Policy Research
            Paper No. 2269, 2000.